Chair and Professor of Planning, UCL

Michael Batty CBE FRS FBA FAcSS FRTPI is Bartlett Professor of Planning at University College London. He is Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) and also a Turing Fellow in the Alan Turing Institute. He has worked on computer models of cities and their visualisation since the 1970s and his recent publications Cities and Complexity (2005), The New Science of Cities (2013), and Inventing Future Cities (2018), are all published by The MIT Press. The last two of these books have been translated into Chinese. The edited book Urban Informatics (Springer 2021) reflects his focus on the applications of digital technologies to urban planning. In the 1980s, he was Professor of City Planning and Dean of the School of Environmental Design at the University of Wales at Cardiff, and prior to that a Lecturer and Reader in Geography at the University of Reading. From 1990-1995, he was Director of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His first degree BA was in planning from the University of Manchester in 1966 and his doctorate was architecture from the University of Wales, 1984. He has published many papers and he is very highly cited with an H index of 109.

He is a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) and the Royal Society (FRS). He was awarded the CBE in the Queens Birthday Honours List in 2004. He received the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society (2015) and the Gold Medal of the Royal Town Planning Institute (2016). He has been the editor of Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science since 1982. He is a Visiting Professor at Arizona State University and at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and chairs the Advisory Group of the DC2 project at the Centre for Smart Construction and Infrastructure at Cambridge University where he is also a member of the International Advisory Group. He is a member of the executive committee of the Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure at the Science and Technology Facilities Council at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and a member of RAMP (Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic) group responsible for motivating modelling research in the pandemic organised through the Royal Society. He is the Co-Chair (with Wei Yang) of the UK Digital Taskforce for Planning, an independent group undertaking an inquiry into the need for developing digital skills and awareness in the UK Planning Profession. ( He has a very active research programme and has recent several grants from UK and International Research Organisations including the Alan Turing Institute, The European Union Horizon 2020 Programme, and the JPI Urban Europe-NSFC Project where his group together with the University of Shenzhen, the University of Hong Kong, and Sun Yat Sen University, and the Vrie University of Amsterdam are studying the development of the Greater Bay Area.

The era of the megalopolis: how the worlds cities are merging

Nov 23, 2022 05:04 am UTCInsights & ViewsBusinessLifeTechnology

On November 15 2022, a baby girl named Vinice Mabansag, born at Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila, Philippines, became symbolically the eight billionth person in the world. Of those 8 billion people, 60% live...

SK bioscience stops COVID-19 vaccine production due to low demand

SK bioscience said on Wednesday, Nov. 23, that it has stopped the production of its COVID-19 vaccine called the SKY Covione. The biotechnology wing of the SK Group said that it is a temporary decision that was made because...

GSK, Medicago close to releasing the worlds first plant-based COVID-19 vaccine

Samsung Biologics teams up with GreenLight Biosciences to provide COVID-19 vaccine to Africans

Guccis leading designer Alessandro Michele vacates creative director post

Gucci, the Italian high-end luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy, is set to lose its creative director. It was reported that Alessandro Michele, who has been with the company since 2002, is stepping down from the...

Elon Musk considering South Korea as the next location for Tesla factory

Elon Musk shared on Wednesday, Nov. 23, that South Korea is one of the territories being considered for a new EV investment. The billionaire said that the country could be the next location for its gigafactory in the Asian...

HP reveals global job cut plans that will affect 4,000 to 6,000 employees

Hewlett Packard Inc. revealed this week that it would have to lay off thousands of employees over the next three years. The tech company said that these job cuts will affect 4,000 to 6,000 people in its offices and...

Samsung to supply chips to IBM, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Baidu with the aim of surpassing TSMC

Samsung Electronics has struck a deal with Nvidia, IBM, Qualcomm, and Baidu for the supply of semiconductors. The South Korean memory chipmaker will be producing 3-nanometer process nodes for them. With the new deals...

UK Supreme Court rejects Scotland cannot hold second independence referendum

The British Supreme Court rejected a bid by Scotland to hold an independence referendum next year. The high court ruled that the Scottish government could not hold a referendum without approval by the British...

UK: Labour leader says country must stop dependence on cheap labor

UK government has no plans to get into Swiss-style relations with EU

UK finance minister defends tax hikes

UK: Finance minister unveils budget program

UK: Deputy PM calls for independent investigation into allegations against him

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia-backed monastery in Kyiv raided

Ukrainian security forces carried out a raid on the countrys 1000-year-old Russian-backed Christian Orthodox church monastery in the capital Kyiv. The raid aimed to intercept potential activity by Russian forces. The...

Kosovo issues 2-day delay of imposing fines on Serb drivers

Kosovo announced that it has decided to issue a two-day delay in imposing fines on Serbs who have not changed their license plates. The delay follows failed talks organized by the European Union between Kosovo and...

US: Joe Biden directly involved in negotiations to end railroad strike

The White House said Tuesday that President Joe Biden was involved in the negotiations to further prevent a railroad strike that threatens to shut down supply chains. Biden also condemned the potential strike and said that...

Iran enriching uranium at 60 percent purity at Fordow facility, says UN watchdog

The United Nations nuclear watchdog said that Iran has begun enriching its uranium to up to 60 percent purity at its facility in Fordow. The report marks the latest sign of Irans advancing of its nuclear program. The...

It was the first time scientists confirmed that nitrous oxide increases if nitrogenous fertilizers are used excessively for rice farming.

The excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizers for rice farming results in a sharp increase in the emission of nitrous oxide, the major greenhouse gas contributor, according to study by the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research ...

Signatures of alien technology could be how humanity first finds extraterrestrial life

If an alien were to look at Earth, many human technologies from cell towers to fluorescent light bulbs could be a beacon signifying the presence of life. We are two astronomers who work on the search for...

The UK is about to have its first space launch but Cornwall is unlikely to become a new Cape Canaveral

Virgin Orbit, a US company which provides launch services for satellites, has announced that the first orbital space mission from the UK will blast off from Cornwall. The rocket, which will carry nine satellites, along...

Silicon is used in construction, microchips and more green methods could help extract it from sugarcane waste

In some parts of South Africas Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal provinces, sugarcane fields stretch as far as the eye can see. The crop is more than just a treat for those with a sweet tooth: in 2017 the countrys sugar...

Genetically engineered bacteria make living materials for self-repairing walls and cleaning up pollution

With just an incubator and some broth, researchers can grow reusable filters made of bacteria to clean up polluted water, detect chemicals in the environment and protect surfaces from rust and mold. I am a synthetic...

Elder Scrolls 6 availability: Microsoft confirms it will not launch on PlayStation

While fans await more information about Elder Scrolls 6, there is one thing that Microsoft has already confirmed and PlayStation fans will not like it. In one of its responses to the UKs Competition and Markets Authority,...

Fallout 5 development will follow Elder Scrolls 6, and fans are in for another long wait

The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity: Phil Spencer may have confirmed the obvious that it wont launch on PS5

Fallout 5 one-pager exists but Bethesda reiterates its plan to develop The Elder Scrolls 6 after Starfield

The Elder Scrolls 6 release date is still too far; Todd Howard says development is still in a design phase

God of War: Ragnarok is the fastest-selling game ever in Sony PlayStations history

Santa Monica Studios God of War: Ragnarok proves once again that the franchise is one of the most beloved among Sonys powerhouse slate of first-party AAA games. The game broke PlayStation sales records in its first week...

UK regulator launches in-depth investigation on Apple and Google over duopoly on mobile ecosystems

The United Kingdoms Competition and Markets Authority announced it is launching an investigation on Apple and Google following concerns that their mobile ecosystem practices are, in effect, a duopoly. The inquiry follows...

Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger could face legal challenge from the FTC

Microsofts proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard for nearly $69 billion is far from a done deal. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering challenging the transaction through legal means, which...

Ubisoft games return to Steam starting with Assassins Creed Valhalla in December

Ubisoft was one of the major publishers that left Steam a few years back, but that is going to change soon. The company confirmed that after three years, some of its games will be available again on Valves PC storefront,...

Metaverse: SK Telecoms ifland metaverse platform goes global, to launch in 49 countries

FxWirePro- Top altcoins for the day (Strength index) (LTCUSD)

Journalists must be protected in police investigations. Heres our five point plan for reform

The jury that asked the spirit world for a verdict and other bizarre tales from the courtroom

How taxing sugary drinks reinforces weight stigma

The packaging promises that the Coca-Cola Soul Blast, which is both zero-calorie and zero-sugar, is action flavored.

Corn dogs accounted for 1 percent of South Koreas total exports in 2017, but it has since jumped to 10.7 percent.

Hankook began providing the Ventus S1 Evo3 electric vehicle tire in the first half of this year as an original equipment (OE) product for the Enyaq iV SUV.

The Nespresso paper capsules feature proprietary technology based on three years of research and development.

Among these top players, 72 percent have made commitments to reduce plastic pollution but are focused on using more recycled plastics, rather than eliminating plastic.

LG Chems planned pyrolysis plant will have an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of oil from plastic waste.

Adidas inks deal with national soccer governing body until 2026.

Nike to supply Japanese baseball teams uniforms, while merchandise specialist will manage retail operations.

The South Korean carmaker became the first to sponsor electric vehicles (EVs) at the global football extravaganza.

FxWirePro- Major pair levels and bias summary

FxWirePro- CADJPY Intraday Trade Idea

FxWirePro: EUR/GBP breaks below 110-EMA, poised for further downside, 200-DMA in sight

Adidas inks deal with national soccer governing body until 2026.

Samsung to supply chips to IBM, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Baidu with the aim of surpassing TSMC

Metaverse: SK Telecoms ifland metaverse platform goes global, to launch in 49 countries

Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger could face legal challenge from the FTC

The Nespresso paper capsules feature proprietary technology based on three years of research and development.

Guccis leading designer Alessandro Michele vacates creative director post

Elon Musk considering South Korea as the next location for Tesla factory

Nike to supply Japanese baseball teams uniforms, while merchandise specialist will manage retail operations.

FxWirePro:EUR/NZD extends drop, faces 50%fib support

Think Trump is done for? Think again

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